For the first time in history, the entire complexion of retailing has changed in
a single two-decade period.

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The line has been forever blurred between physical and virtual stores. The two have become symbiotic in the respect that the physical store can no longer exist successfully without its virtual partner.

Retailing is a MINDSET. It involves good business practices but the magic is in YOU and how you think. For a book about retailing to be truly valuable, it must give you the information you need to think differently, to inspire you to buy differently, hire differently, operate differently, display differently and promote differently.

Doing Retail Right ... Tips & Inspiration
Copyright © 2012 Lou Kief & Bill Walls
ISBN 978-0-9831935-1-7

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ISBN  978-0-9831935-1-7

ePub & Nook Editions
ISBN  978-0-9831935-1-7

Doing Retail Right is a collection of short and fun stories, ideas and reminders that you can read in a couple of minutes during your day.  The lessons are timeless and thought provoking.  Keep this book near your desk and come back to it from time to time for inspiration as you run your business, start a successful new one, or save one that is in jeopardy of being left behind.